Policy impact

The data to be collected and disclosed will be in accordance with standards for national and regional (WCPFC) programmes, and can therefore contribute to management efforts aimed at estimating catches and effort, and assessing the population status of the various target and non-target species.

For data impacts to be realized, uptake by national and regional programmes will be essential. Because IFITT’s goal is to link with existing platforms that are already feeding into WCPFC statistics, update by this group should proceed smoothly. In order for national level uptake of the system, and thus management impacts at the national level, we will rely on push-pull cooperation. With data contributing directly to WCPFC, we expect WCPFC to pull on Indonesia and the Philippines to also adopt our information system into their national accounting and management programs.

Additionally, push from our industry partners is also key, as they are required to report their catches to the governments, and as our system will be set up to directly feed into pre-existing databases, automatic reporting through our system would be preferable to double reporting by businesses.

Scientific impact

The scientific results of the project will contribute to wider questions of how incentive mechanisms can be used to steer fishers and other value chain actors to improve the reporting of their practices. Incentive based management is increasingly being referred for sustainable fisheries. How these mechanisms are implemented is poorly understood, especially in information poor countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. The results will also hold relevance to the field of informational governance, which focuses on how information is used to contribute to more sustainable outcomes in, amongst others, natural resource use.

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